Solving the World's Hardest Problems Since 1980

  • WaterSoft Inc. was founded by brothers Jim and Bill Chandler of Ashland, Ohio.
  • WaterSoft Inc. was incorporated in the state of Ohio in 1980.
  • On February 29, 1980, WaterSoft purchased the entire water treatment division of the F.E. Myers Pump Company.
  • Included in the purchase was a license for WaterSoft to use the "Myers" name for a period of three years. If ever you see a product or literature in the field with both names present, it was manufactured prior to 1983.
  • Jim & Bill reinvested a large portion of the company's income to research and development. The result was the creation of several patented/proprietary products including the WATER SPRITE Water Filter and the PROVECTR Water Treatment System. These are all innovative in that they solve tough water problems without the use of costly chemicals. Another special product was the SOFT'N FILTER system that combines the filtration and softening process into one complete unit.
  • On March 2, 1988, WaterSoft was purchased by Amtrol Inc. Over 30 years prior to the purchase of WaterSoft, Amtrol introduced the first pre-pressurized diaphragm expansion tank to the water systems industry. At that time Amtrol was the leading manufacturer of water systems tanks in the world and was looking to enter into water treatment.
  • Eventually both Jim and Bill Chandler moved on to pursue other opportunities and Amtrol moved WaterSoft out of the Ashland facility.
  • Almost 20 years later, in June of 2008, Bill Chandler acquired the Water Soft division back from Amtrol and moved production back to Ashland.
  • The current WaterSoft staff has over 150 years of combined water treatment experience.
  • WaterSoft remains dedicated to the same enthusiasm and commitment to innovation that made them successful in the 1980’s. With the introduction of the Isobar II Legacy View Control Valve, the new Cabinet Softener, and the new products on the horizon, WaterSoft remains focused on providing clean, safe water for your residential and commercial needs.